About us

A microscopist's microscopy shop!

We deal in microscopes, microscopical accessories and microscopical parts, especially pre-owned Zeiss (West), Zeiss Jena, Leitz, Reichert, Wild, Nikon, Olympus, older British and other quality manufacturers.

We also provide new microscopes and accessories by Optika, Euromex and Motic on special order (Click on the manufacturer's name to view their product range directly on their website. Links open in new windows/tabs.)

We have a large and diverse stock - too many items to list, so please don't hesitate to contact us about your specific requirements!

Founded in 2011, we are a UK-based business originating from the owner's 30-year experience as a research scientist in protistology, a consulting microscopist and a microscope collector.

We cater for the requirements of a wide range of microscopists, from professionals to amateurs, experienced users to beginners, and professional collectors to microscope enthusiasts!

*************** LATEST NEWS ***************

October 2019 - BACK IN STOCK: Brand new 6V 20W tungsten bulbs for the Wild M20! Rare as hen's teeth and we have a limited supply ... so hurry! :-)

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