British accessories


- various Abbe condensers (3 versions: short. medium, long), good/very good optics, cosmetic condition fair to very good.
GBP 18.00 - 25.00 depending on cosmetic condition

- Aplanatic 9.5mm NA 1.40 condenser, very good.
GBP 85.00

- Universal no. 1 10mm condenser, NA 1.0, in centering mount, very good
GBP 63.50

- Universal no. 3 Dry Achro condenser, NA 1.0, very good
GBP 60.00

- Zonal Dark Ground no. 1 condenser, slips = 1.2mm, in centering mount, very good
GBP 67.50

- Zonal Dark Ground no. 1 condenser, slips = 1.2mm, in non-centering mount, very good
GBP 65.00

- Zonal Dark Ground condenser, slips = 1.2mm, mounted on an Akehurst slide, very good
GBP 70.00

- Mirror-type camera lucida (drawing mirror), boxed, good
GBP 45.00

- A great number and variety of objectives, from standard Paras to high-end oil immersion, all in good/very good optical condition, cosmetically fair to very good

GBP 10.00 - 95.00

- A great number and variety of eyepieces, all in good/very good optical condition, cosmetically fair to very good
GBP 16.50 - 35.00 (per matched pair)
GBP 10.00 - 20.00 (single)

- Various Service microscopes from the 1950's-1960's, can be supplied as bare stands with fixed stage w/clips, condenser substage & mirror, or complete outfits with Para optics, all very good
GBP 25.00 - 65.00

- Various Large Binocular Bactils, ca. late 1920's - 1940's, binocular tubes either striaght or inclined, in various states of conservation and functionality, from fair to good/very good

Wide price range, from bargain to good collector's market values. Quoted for individually

- Complete Service microscope from July 1942 (has date inscription) with British military insignia, all-black enamel finish, variable length tube, Watson mechanical stage, mirror, centering condenser substage, Abbe condenser, Para objectives, H eyepiece, all-original and very good, very collectible. Comes with a complimentary 3-pence coin from the same era, for a truly historical touch!
GBP 175.00

- Various Watson mahogany boxes for larger microscopes e.g. Bactil, with classic “Lion” Watson logo, structurally sound, cosmetically fair to good
GBP 22.00 - 30.00

Cooke Troughton & Simms

- Various M1000 student monoculars, ca. 1950, fixed stage with clips, mirror, standard optical configuration (achromats + Abbe + Huyghens), good to very good, some with original box
GBP 55.00 - 85.00

- Complete M2000 microscope in original box, all very good
GBP 167.50

- Complete CTS monocular polarising microscope in original box, rotating stage, three objectives, condenser, mirror, polarizer and analyzer, very good/excellent throughout including cosmetically
GBP 145.00

- Various phase-contrast condensers, optically and mechanically good to very good, cosmetically fair to very good, some boxed
GBP 60.00 – 87.50

- A variety of objectives and eyepieces, including various phase-contrast objectives,, optically good/very good, cosmetically fair to good
Wide price range, from bargain upwards, quoted for individually.


- Complete monocular microscope in high-gloss black enamel finish, ca. 1950's, in original red velour-lined case. Collector's A/A+ condition.
GBP 150.00

- Baker dark ground condenser, RMS diameter screw (needs a condenser body or an Akehurst slide), very good
GBP 50.00

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