January 2021 - We have just received a number of quality microscopes. They are all being checked & cleaned as required and will be added to our listings soon. In the meantime, please let us know you would like to receive information on any of these at this early stage:

- Carl Zeiss (West):

1. Photomicroscope 1. Half a dozen or so available.

2. Photomicroscope 2. One available.

3. Universal 1. Two or three available, can be kitted out for fluorescence microscopy.

All of the above can be supplied either for bright-field microscopy only, or BF + darkfield + phase-contrast

4. Invertoscope "D", trinocular, phase-contrast version with dedicated photographic plinth and column. With full phase-contrast kit.

Choice of optics (achromats / plan-achromats / Neofluars / some planapochromats) on all of the above

5. Standard 20, bright-field and phase-contrast (x40 objective only), bespoke cool-light LED illumination, trinocular

6. Zeiss-Winkel GF, 1940's, all black enamel, all-original, mirror illumination only

7. Zeiss Stereomicroscopes, vintage, two or three available

- Leitz (Wetzlar):

1. Ortholux 2, trinocular, transmitted bright-field and epifluorescence

- Cooke Troughton & Simms:

1. M2000 with full phase-contrast kit

2. Various M1000's

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