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The China-based manufacturers Motic produce a range of quality microscopes in all  market segments. They are particularly active and innovative in the mid-range professional laboratory microscopes segment.

In that segment, the BA210E series is particularly successful at combining excellent performance, which rivals that of similar microscopes by competitors with "noble" badges, with very attractive pricings. They are rapidly becoming our bestselling microscopes in that range. Please do not hesitate to request further information and quotations for specific set-ups!

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From the manufacturer:

The BA210Elite model introduces superior improvements both in optical and mechanical performance. The model now incorporates a lead-free manufacturing process in accordance with current RoHS standards, and follows the optical features and performance derived from the flagship model BA 410E.

  The ELITE model’s addition of a new rackless stage concept without prominent gear rack allows even a more convenient use of the x/y movement. For full freedom of Illumination options, the new model has a complete and easy interchangeability of its 6V/30W Halogen bulb with LED modules and has fixed koehler illumination.


  Motic’s new generation of EC Plan Achromat objectives sets a new price-performance standard in optical quality. With excellent spherical aberration correction to significantly improve field flatness and resolution, the EC optics offer superior colour fidelity through new multi-layer coated lenses.

  The new rackless stage enables a convenient movement of the x/y stage without prominent gear rack interference; while a new specimen holder design gives a soft but solid grip to the  glass slides.

  The   importance of LEDs as safe and long-term  illumination   devices   has   increasingly become the norm in educational and clinical microscopy environments. Nevertheless, experienced users may still prefer the “warm” Halogen illumination with a large portion of long wavelengths. To cover this situation, the BA210Elite has  full interchangeability between its Halogen and LED light sources. Coming with a standard 6V/30W Halogen bulb, the BA210Elite lamp socket also accepts a new LED module, which can be inserted instead  of  the  Halogen  bulb. The  choice  of two different  colour  temperatures  (4500K, 6000K) enhances illumination options in a user-friendly way.

  A new LED single use fluorescence system has been added to the range allowing the user to have a microscope dedicated for routine  fluorescence  scanning applications.

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